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Autism is development deep disruption neurological that is serious influence way a person to communicate and related with other his in the vicinity by normal. Where as what leak, Autism is a group syndrome phenomenon in whose cause by variety factor really varied and relating each other and unique because every it have different character for each sufferer. There are also sufferer has disruption that overlaps with phenomenon another also have relation with disruption development neurological.

Willing child study Autism sustains resident disruption to pattern social interaction, deviant communication and limited behaviour pattern and repeat (stereotypic) and generally child with disruption Autism this have phenomenon as those to be stated wait. Have also according study opinion disruption cause Autism is be influence psychogenesis as the cause happen him Autism’s disruption as parent emotional, stiff, and obsessive in care their children. Among disruption child development Autism is: -

A) Social interaction disruption, show phenomenon as follows:

  • Eye contact less, Autisme's child when invited to discuss do not want look face match talk.
  • Not look back when is called, preference play own, Autisme's child difficult interacted with his peer while playing.
  • His face's expression less glowing
  • Do not like when in hug
  • Unimpressed to toy
  • Play with objects who is not children toy
  • Sometimes this child is like doing expression: cry, laugh own, moody without cause.

B) Disruption Communicate And Verbal

In verbal development Autism child usually indicates symptoms as follows:

  • His talk's ability saw later compare same age child it
  • With language talk that does not in understand other person
  • When child can talk, word whose in difficult speech in understand
  • Difficult when invite chat
  • Ekolalia (imitate other person word)
  • When child want something he would attract other hands that there in near it and commanded on what desired
  • His sign language's ability stagnated
  • Adverse grammatical
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