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Disease diabetes not makes modern disease caused by the increase standard of living. Members study history has found that disease diabetes botch is being included to four era, era speculative, era pancreas, extra pancreatic and hypoglycaemia oral.

Disease diabetes mellitus is a-state when proportion of sugar (glucose) great height occurs in circulation. This matter happened because our body hormone deficiency insulin. Hormone insulin, which is produced by organ pancreas, is required by our body to replace sugar energy into. Insulin is a kind of hormone produced by organ pancreas.

To people who already have disease diabetes, organ his pancreas unable to produce hormone insulin enough or insulin issue could not act as usual. This matter causes sugar crowding out body cells. Therefore, circulation deep proportion of sugar to be high. This high proportion of sugar also to be eliminated by the body through water urinates.

What is that cause disease Diabetes?

diabetes happens when hormone insulin issue are not enough or ineffective. This resulted glucose bunchy in the blood locked out to cell of the body. Therefore, glucose will be aggregated his with many in the blood and pours into urine. This situation will also result lack of energy body although deep glucose level high in the blood.

Sign And Symptom Diabetes Mellitus

Early indication knowable bahwa somebody suffer direct visible diabetes from the effect proportion of sugar increase in the blood, where proportion of sugar increase in the blood achieved value 160 - 180 mg / dL and urine diabetes sufferer sugar content (glucose), until urine often am being mobbed ant.

Diabetes sufferer generally exposing sign and symptom hereunder though not all undergo by sufferer :

1. Total urine issued much more (Polyuria)
2. Often or quick to feel thirsty / thirsty (Polydipsia)
3. Hungry that excessive or eats a lot (Polyphagia)
4. Glycosuria
5. Unclear weight loss
6. Numbness sense to tip of the feet and palm
7. Quick tired and weak each time
8. Experience dim eyesight abruptly
9. Easy to experience wound and late recovered
10.Easy to be hit especially infection on the skin.

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