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Breast cancer, cancer that are malignant -- life-threatening-tumors -- that develop in one or both breasts.

It makes most sweeping cancer disease among women, attack environment 10% all women to all age-stages in the world west. Although extensive effort carried out supply early detection and effective treatment, environment 20% women with breast cancer will be dead caused stated disease, and it make second cancer form cause death highest to women. Ministry of Health study Malaysia also shows about 94% case treated at ended government stage most critical and difficult to be cured and his possibility fatal.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Breast cancer main cause yet leak and believed that above a factor cause him. Researcher expert believe that causal factor including factor environment genetic and factor.

Priority were focused on the individual have high risk. Much reason has even studied closely. What is implication identify factors Breast cancer risk?

Following are those factors have been pinpointed: -

Breast cancer is especially woman disease (95% from the case Breast cancer are amongst womenfolk)

Rise age increase increasingly higher risk. Women aged less than 25 rarely year suffer Breast cancer

Breast cancer story
If one ever suffer breast cancer, it risk it will repeat increase 4 double river

Family history and genetic factor
If a woman have mother or woman sibling (nearest heiress) ever suffer Breast cancer at the age youngish, it risk will be afflicted breast cancer will increase 2 double river and this risk will increase 4 double river if 2 or more nearest heir suffer breast cancer.

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Case Study - Breast Cancer Treatment

Name: Mdm M.K. Chan
Age: 56
Nationality: Malaysian
NRIC: 5706xx-10-63xx
File No: 17294

Mdm M.K. Chan was diagnosed with 4th stage breast cancer. She started seeing The TOLE's Master on 9th April 2009 until 21 March 2013. During this period, she kept asking how long more she needs to take the herbs. She took a very long time to be cured because she always not follow the advice given by Master.

In the beginning, during her initial visit to The TOLE, she was advised to undergo intensive acupuncture and herbal treatment for 4 months. But, she started tapering down the intake of cancer herbs from initially 1 packet a day to 1 packet every 3 days for a few years causing her condition became deteriorates. But she is still surviving and goes to work daily.

However, after a famous oncology doctor passed away in early 2013 (apparently this famous doctor was her previous consultant doctor at Gleneagles), she had stopped coming for treatment. Master thinks that she is giving up because she felt a lot with the loss of the famous oncology doctor.

Below table shows the result of her CEA test during the treatment period with THE TOLE:


Type of Test


Normal Range

10 Apr 2009



(0.0 –5.0)

10 Apr 2009

CA 15.3

186.0 (High)

(0.0 – 31.0)

30 Apr 2009



(0.0 –5.0)

30 Apr 2009

CA 15.3

129.4 (High)

(0.0 – 31.0)

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